Kawasaki King K9

2,300kr 1,840kr

King K9 er en ny og forbedret versjon av den populære King K8!

Denne har et t-joint som overlegent motstår vridning, og en 6-kantet ramme som gjør den til en meget stabil racket.

Ved bruk av Fullerene Carbon i rammen får du en ganske stiv racket, som også gjør den solid, rask og velegnet til kraftige smasher.


Farge: Red

Ramme: 30T+40T high modulus graphite

Skaft: 46T high modulus graphite

Vekt: 84 g ±1g

Grep: G1

Balansepunkt: 295 ±1mm

Lengde: 675 ±1mm

Tension: 18-32 lbs

Nivå: avansert


Take control of the game with the Kawasaki King K9 ! Its flexible and semi-rigid upper and its slightly topped balance will become an extension of your arm to strike down your opponents. For a very good compromise between power and handling, this frame weighs only 84 grams (approximately) and is equipped with technologies capable of making the difference.

At the paintjob level, the King K9 sports a few touches of yellow and orange on a predominantly royal blue base. With an exceptional finish, it will convince you from the first glance. Material side, this Kawasaki racketincorporates high-modulus graphite of incredible quality and available in three categories. For the racket head, it is the 30T and 40T while the shaft is equipped with the 46T version. The higher the number, the better the qualities of the racket. Between maximum strength and lightness, this carbon fiber absorbs vibrations while providing more sensations to its user.

To strengthen the racket head, the C60 Fullerene Carbon mixes with graphite and offers durability and repellency. The Hexagon Frame Structure and the Kernel Power will bring more power to your strikes while guaranteeing maximum stability. At the base of the frame, T-Join Power Technology consists in strengthening the link between the frame and the rod and thus allowing a 35% higher twist. More stability and more percussion to always stay one step ahead. As for the upper, the Supe Relastic Tube offers more elasticity and will be ideal for players looking for power.