Kawasaki MAO-11Ⅱ

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Kawasaki Mao 11 II er for den avanserte spilleren.

Rammen er inspirert av diamantens form for en stabil struktur, redusere luftmotstand og styrke slagkraften.

Med denne racketen vil du ha et godt angrep, rask retur og i det hele tatt full kontroll.



Farge: Red

Ramme: 30T + 40T High Modulus Graphite

Aksel: 46T High Modulus Graphite

Vekt: 87g (±1 g)

Grep størrelse: G1

Balansepunkt: 295mm (± 2mm)

Lengde: 675 mm (±1 mm)

Stivhet: Medium/hard

Tension: 18-30 lbs.

Egnet type: Avansert

Strenger: Uten


Boost your game with the Kawasaki Mao 11 II ! With a rigid rod and a balance slightly at the top, this frame made in Japan will quickly become your greatest asset to gain the upper hand over your opponent. Its remarkable quality graphite and innovative technologies will convince you.

Placed in the very high-end racket category, the Mao 11 II incorporates high-modulus graphite of different densities for a very precise purpose. The racket head is made of 30T and 40T graphite. The first named brings a higher power while limiting the weight of the racket by its lightness. The second will reduce vibrations and offer optimal sensations in play. The shaft incorporates meanwhile a 46T graphite. Extremely fine, these carbon fibers take up the properties of the 40T version with a higher degree of performance.

Scalex Technology is the latest material developed by the brand. By providing greater flexibility and responsiveness, it offers additional striking power, but it also provides an express return to the racket head for more stability and therefore control during each strike. Finally, Nano Technology and Hot Melt Technology make it possible to tightly bind the resin to the carbon fibers, considerably increasing the robustness and the lifespan of the racket.

On the technology side, the racket head uses the Hexagonal Frame for the geometry of the frame. By allowing a faster penetration in the air, the power increases but the stability of the racket also for powerful and perfect strikes. The Diamond Shape reinforces this desire for stability in the frame. To provide maximum protection for ropes and eyelets, the Pyramid Frame incorporates grooves at the top of the frame.

Between reactivity, offensive power and control, this Mao 11 II will convince you with its overall quality.

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