Kawasaki Spider 7200 II

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Kawasaki Spider 7200 II er en racket for den viderekomne spilleren som liker offensivt spill.


Farge: Red

Ramme: 30T Høy modul karbonfiber

Aksel: 40T Høy modul karbonfiber

Vekt: 86±1g

Håndtak Størrelse: G1

Balansepunkt: 297±2 mm

Lengde: 675±1 mm

Flex: Stiv

Nivå: Viderekommen

Strenger: Uten

Tension: 18-30 lbs


Take advantage of Kawasaki know-how and adopt the Kawasaki Spider 7200 II . Mainly red and black, this frame will not leave you indifferent at first glance, it will be the same once on the ground! Its semi-rigid stem and its balance at the head will give a skilful mixture of reactivity, tolerance and power. The 86 grams (approximately) of this racket will bring you impact at the baseline without completely detracting from handling.

Able to offer snowshoes of a very high quality, Kawasaki is no exception to the rule with the Spider 7200 II and incorporates graphites of different densities (30T, 40T) to bring you maximum sensations in play. The fiber 30T present in the racket head will convince you with its ease in offering superior power. Very light, this graphite makes it possible to limit the final weight of the racket while ensuring good resistance over time.

On the shaft side, the 40T carbon fibers will bring a certain comfort in play by limiting twists and vibrations. Also a guarantee of responsiveness, this material will offer you incomparable playing sensations. Nano Technology will contribute to superior robustness by a close bond of carbon fibers and resin.

To accentuate the offensive and powerful aspect of your game, Kawasaki Badminton integrates the Enhanced Blade Frame geometry. More aerodynamic, the racket head enters the air faster for improved punching power. Woven Technology comes in addition to stabilize the racket head and allow perfect strikes in all circumstances.

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