Victor Thruster TK-F

2,399kr 1,949kr


Ramme: High Resilience Modulus Graphite +PYROFIL +HARD CORED TECHNOLOGY

Skaft: High Resilience Modulus Graphite + PYROFIL + 6.4 SHAFT

Stivhet: Ganske stiv

Tension: max 31 lbs


Leveringstid ca 7 dager


Les mer:

The TK-F CLAW features the science-tested shaft and racket-frame configuration as in the TK-F that provides excellent resilience and maneuverability, capturing the essence of “precise attack” as when hawks hunt down the prey with their sharp claws.

Bigger head size, bigger sweet zone, and better maneuverability. The 72-hole design for fluid, solid hitting feel on the sweet spot.

In flat exchanges, the TK-F CLAW swings swift and bouncy with quick, high-efficiency energy transmission. In powerful strokes such as offensive clears and smashes, the solid feel when the shuttle makes contact with the racket-face can’t be any better with the sharper head shape and the 72-hole string pattern.

Sharper head shape as used in the TK-7000S, combined with TRI-FORMATION.

The TRI-FORMATION frame structure also contributes to stability and an effortlessness when wielding the racket.

Anti-torsion, thin, stable, swift, and bouncy, as used in the TK-F.

TK-F CLAW continues to utilize VICTOR’s ANTI-TORSION technology to achieve better accuracy in attacks in an easily controllable way.

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