Yonex Nanoflare 800

2,499kr 1,619kr

Alltid et skritt foran med Nanoflare 800!

Razor Frame er som navnet tilsier, en svært tynn ramme, og gir minimal luft-motstand,

slik at du rekker og komme i posisjon raskere, og du bevarer kontrollen på banen.

Denne racketen har den nyeste generasjon karbon fiber; Torayca M40X,

som sørger for lite vridning i racketen og herlig spill-følelse.

Nytt T-joint gir stabilitet, og skaftet er tynt og lett, men likevel solid.


Ramme: H.M. Graphite + M40X + HMG

Skaft: H.M. Graphite


Anbefalt tension: 21-29 lbs

Laget i Japan


Become the master of the court and always stay one step ahead with the Nanoflare 800 ! Designed to replace the Nanoray 800, this new Yonex racket with rigid shaft and neutral balance will convince you with its speed of execution and its ability to control the steering wheel as you see fit. The 88 grams of this frame will bring more impact to your strikes to be effective both at the baseline and in the front area.

Mainly matt black, the paintjob of this Yonex racketincorporates touches of yellow and red in the middle of the stem and on the sides of the frame for a sublime final rendering, worthy of Yonex know-how. To offer a product of remarkable quality, the Japanese firm does not skimp on the means and endows the Nanoflare 800 with the best possible graphite and a new generation of carbon fibers: the Torayca M40X. More robust and more resistant to torsion, this new material guarantees a maximum lifespan but above all breathtaking playing sensations.

The appearance of the Nanoflare 800 in the Yonex catalog also makes it possible to present a new frame geometry: the Razor Frame. By offering an incredibly fine frame, the Nanoflare 800 ensures minimal air resistance and a redesigned aerodynamics allowing you to get behind the wheel earlier and always have control of the exchange. The Solid Feel Core reduces the vibrations caused by the racket / shuttlecock impact for optimal playing sensations. Now famous, the New Grommet Pattern is also part of it and allows this Yonex frame to strive for perfection by slightly shifting the eyelets to avoid overlapping of the rope.

Because a quality racket must have a shaft that meets expectations, Yonex combines Nanometric Technology with its Ultra Slim Shaft. The racket’s stem is therefore thinner and lighter while retaining its rigidity for an improved whip. The New Built-in T-Joint will provide more stability to your strikes while the Control Support Cap guarantees rapid grip changes for maneuverability at all times.